The Galway Bus website was created so that you the consumer can find all the information you need on Galway Buses on the one website ( website was created in April 2009 and was an immediate success. The Galway Bus website was designed with the consumer in mind, it has a simple and easy to use layout. On the homepage of Galway Bus you will immediately see the information on galway buses split into 4 main sections.


Section one (colour coded red) compares the bus fares of each bus company for the main national bus routes. The company’s that run these routes from Galway are the national bus company, Bus Eireann, City Link and the Galway Gobus company. The main routes that are compared are the very popular Galway to Dublin City, Galway to Dublin Airport, Galway to Shannon Airport, Galway to Limerick Airport and the Galway to Cork – Cork Airport routes. The bus fares that each galway bus company charges for these routes are compared on a simple table. Also compared are the average journey time on the bus for each galway bus company on each route. You might think that these would be roughly the same but the different bus companys often take different routes to there destinations and the journey time all depends on the amount of stops all the way also, for instants the Galway Gobus Compabus runs a direct bus service from Galway City to Dublin City and Dublin Airport. This section of the Galway Bus website makes it easy to find the cheapest Galway bus fare and what is the average journey time for that particular fare. Galway Bus also provides you with a link, where you can purchase the perfered bus tickets online.

Section two (colour coded blue) lists the timetables of all national and local buses that operate out of and within Galway City. These galway bus timetables are conveniently stored as images on the Galway Bus website, so you don’t have to go downloading and opening up any more pdf files to look at the Bus Eireann timetables. The Galway Bus timetables cover the Bus Eireann national and local buses, the local City Link buses, the national Galway City Link buses and the national Galway GoBus bus timetables. On each individual bus routes timetable page you will also find a comprihensive list of information on the bus companys that operate that service out of and around Galway City – you will find a map of the location of the galway bus stations for each galway bus company, the contact details of each company, information on how to purchase a ticket and also a link to purchase your galway bus ticket online (if facility is available). If you cant find the bus route out of Galway that your looking for you could always use the Bus Eireann or Galway City Link journey planners. You will find a link to these Galway Bus journey planners on the homepage or on the individual bus company’s pages which can be found under the bus timetables headings.

Section three (colour coded purple) allows you the consumer to get the most competitive and cheapest quote on hiring a galway bus or Galway Coach. Due to our partnership with Galway’s two largest bus hire company’s, Galway Bus customers get 5% off the regular bus hire prices. To get a Galway Bus quote all you have to do is simply fill out the online bus hiring form that can found on Galway bus hire web page or you could simply give us a call on 087-9141976. We will contact both company’s and get the best bus hire quote for you. It’s as simple as that.

Section four (colour coded orange) provides information on various Galway bus tours from Galway-Connemara bus tour, Galway- Cliffs of Moher bus tour, Galway-Aran Islands bus tour to Galway City Historic bus tours.

Thats a brief outline of what the Galway Bus website is all about. It’s all about making bus journeys easier for you ..